We offer one of a kind and authentic POLAROID event Photo Booth service

that's truly a party in itself!



Not your usual boring Photo Booth, think of it more as fully customizable and tailored photoshoot with a huge selection of backdrops and set-up styles to choose from.

Included in the package are authentic and beautiful Polaroid Prints created with out genuine vintage Polaroid Land 180 Professional Camera and instant analogue prints (real film) for your guests to take on the day after 1 minute.

Are you organizing a vintage themed event or a Fair ? 

Don't hire a machine! We are Vic and Chris - two professional (human) and experienced event photographers who using combo of Vintage Polaroid and a high end modern DSLR cameras, flattering studio  lights, whatever you ask for a background and a trunk of props will be there for you making sure the photo booth is one of the highlights of the night as well as a memorable experience!

Watch our video, some people quite simply can't get enough of it! Then they come back for more!!!   

You can choose from one of our backdrops or anything custom made, even hand crafted that will match the theme of your event. 

Polaroid prints are ready on the spot (magically reavealing themselves in front of your eyes after about a minute) and the digital photographs taken at the same time are delivered in full-resolution without any watermarks within a couple of days (via private online gallery as well as a DVD disc) 

Our Photo Booth is ideal for anything Vintage themed but it's also perfect for all kind of events including: 

Formal Black Tie Events

Corporate Events


Private Events

Wedding Receptions

University Events

Children Birthdays and Parties       

Fantastic and fun idea for any type of event from Black Tie to a Children's Birthdays.










Q: What if you're organizing an event for 30 people or 12 kids and do not need a 100 picture package or digital pictures, you just love the idea of the original Polaroids ?

 A: Very simple! , just talk to us, we are more than happy to help and come up with a smaller and affordable package to suit you. Our service is totally flexible.The absolute minimum is 20 photographs and 1hr of photography.

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2 hours  - £490

3 hours  - £550

4 hours  - £590

(digital only - deduct £100 from the prices above) 



from £150 / and Polaroids £4/each photo

Digital only with on site printing in 4x6- from £150 + £300 for 100 Prints(pre-paid) or £3 each photo


For small events of 50 guests or less or Wedding Receptions  -from £150 and 50 prints + unlimited digital


Custom backdrops from £50

Branding (your watermark/ company logo) on the digital pictures £70

Addiional Polaroid Prints £20/pack (10 photos)

Digital Prints on site £300 - 100 prints in 4x6 (includes online gallery and a DVD disc)

Branded USB stick -  £

Custom (branded) Photo folders - from £100 


FROM £150 (2hrs Photo Booth )

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Classic and a selection of themed backdrops. (inlcuded in price)

Custom and Hand-crafted options available.

We are of course happy if you like to use/make your own.

(garlands, lights, curtains, the more creative the better, why not get your kids to make their own for a birthday party? The sky is the limit here)

Please contact us for advice on sizes etc.


    The Grand Staircase   Wooden Graffiti - great for kids

Themed Academic

Library   Library 2 - super realistic!

 Classic Vintage

Vintage Red Vintage Grey Vintage Gold

Custom made,hand crafted and paper

custom made

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Where are we based?

Oxford and London but will travel happily travel anywhere!

How much space is needed ?

Ideally 4x4 metres, but it depends on the size of the event

What size are Polaroid Prints?

We are using Polaroid Pack film by Fuji 4.25 x 3.25

How can Polaroid pictures be professional?

They are made using one of the Professional fully manual Polaroid models - ours is Polaroid Land 180 from 1963

How many pictures are included?

Our packages start with 100 prints included, additional prints are available in packs of 10 at £20 per pack.

How big are the backdrops?

from 2 to 4 metres wide, (groups of up to 10 people fit nicely, but we've squezzed more) 

How much does it cost?

Please see the Pricing section above

I am organizing a large formal event (200 guests +) , do you have a system and experience to handle it smoothly

with the old camera and instant prints ?

Our latest event was at The University of Oxford, St.Anthony's College.There were 210 people ,they all had an amazing time and did not give us a break for 4hrs straight! We absolutely loved it too! Check the video on the top of this page. There's no event too large or too small for us.Both myself and Chris met and worked together in Photography department on one of the UK's biggest Cruise Ships and are well accustomed to large and busy nights. 

Our budget is not enough for the standard package but we still love the concept, are there any other options?

Yes, we can attend the event and offer the prints for sale for £4/print on the spot directly to your guest, this depends on the size and the character of the event, please talk to us.We need to know as much as possible about your event as far ahead of it as possible to justify.

We have already booked a wedding photographer but love the idea  of the fun photo booth as well, are there wedding packages ?

Absolutely Yes! In fact we think this is a great idea for the wedding reception , just imagine having a little album (we can organize one) ready at the end of the day while you wait for the pictures from your wedding photographer!

Wedding packages are different to the event and start at 50 prints (2hrs), please contact us. 

What about digital pictures, can you do that?

Yes, we take photographs on the Polaroid Camera and the digital at the same time.Digital pictures are included in the price are delivered on a disc as well as beautiful online gallery for your guest to download.





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Terms and Conditions

A reservation deposit of minimum of £125 (£100 digital photo booth only) is required 4 weeks in advance. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 2 weeks or less the event will incur a charge in the amount of full deposit paid or 25% of the total package value, whichever the greater.The deposit (min£125) must cover the cost of film required for the event at £20 per pack (10 photographs) + £25. 

Early booking recommended. All services are subject to availability as well the availability of Fuji FP100C film which is purchased once booking is finalized and deposit paid by the Client.